Chime Card

Chime Card

What Is Chime Card And How To Use It


Using online banking services is able to send, receive and store money online. We all know that uncertainty has always dominated our lives. This is the reason that online money transfer services have become the need of the hour. You will never know when one of your dearest friends will be in urgent need of money. And you can suddenly ask for help. This is the exact situation where Pay Friends on Chime facilities can come to your rescue.

Now some of you may wonder – what is the Pay Friends on Chime feature? How do I use the Pay Friend feature on Chime to send money? not an issue. We are more than happy to help you. I realized that a large number of people already know about online money transfer services, but not everyone is familiar with the benefits of Chime Online Bank and its ‘Pay Friend’ feature.

So, to help you understand how a friend facility is paid on chime tasks, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How does a friend pay at work?

As the name suggests, the Pay Friend feature on Chime is a direct way to send money to anyone from your contact list. The best thing about this feature is that it is completely free, fast and safe. All you need is a verified user of Chime, which you need. What I personally liked about Chime’s Pay Friends feature is its easy to use and quick action. In a few taps, you can send money to your friend and help him.

Can I send money to a friend who does not use Chime Online Bank? You may have such a question in your mind. If so, here is the reality: Yes, you can send money to a non-Chime user, but there is a catch here. And the catch is that the recipient must set up an account in Chime.

How do I pay a friend on Chime?

We are going to discuss the simple steps to use a friend feature on Chime. If you have set up your account, you can follow the steps given below and get the money with ease of mind.

  • The first step is to log in to your mobile mobile app.
  • Now the next step is to tap on the “Move Money” button.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, choose “Transfers” and proceed.
  • On the next screen, you will get the option “Pay Friends”.
  • Now choose a person from your contact list to whom you want to send money.
  • You can use your phone number or email ID to locate your specific friend.
  • Alternatively, you can enter the recipient’s name and surname.
  • Now just enter an amount and add a memo about the payment.
  • Finally, check the amount and the recipient before sending money. If everything seems fine, press the send button.

What are the limitations of money transfer for the convenience of paid friends on Chime? You may like to ask this question. According to the latest update, Chime users can send up to $ 2,000 a month. Once you reach the limit, you will not be able to send more money through the Pay Friend feature.

How to pay someone on Chime who does not use Chime?

With the help of using a phone number or email ID, you can send money to anyone who does not use Chime. But, don’t forget what I’ve told you before. In such a case you can send money, but the recipient has to download the Chime and sign up completely.

To facilitate the sign-up process for the recipient, a text or email notification will be sent to the recipient with a downloading link. This notification reads “Open a Junk expense account to claim the money you have received”.

Steps are being taken here to send money to a friend who does not have an account in Chime.

  • Go to your chink mobile app.
  • Now just tap on the “Move Money” tab.
  • Also, tap Transfer and then select Pay Friends.
  • Then, find your friend in your contact list whom you want to send money to.
  • Finally, enter the amount to complete the transaction and send money.

As soon as you send money on your behalf, the recipient will receive an alert and upon successful sign up will receive the money.